GOLDEN HOUR; Monday-Thursday from 10:30am-3:00pm, $25 off ANY 50 or 60 minute service | $40 off ANY 80 or 90 minute service | $30 Infrared Sauna Session

Alchemie Spa

about us

Our Mission


At Alchemie, our boutique spa nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, we strive to create a transformative oasis where our valued guests can embark on a journey of rejuvenation, self-discovery, and holistic wellness. Through our expertly crafted selection of massages, hydrafacials, facials, and sauna experiences, we aim to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, fostering a deeper connection to inner balance and outer radiance.

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled sanctuary where every individual can escape the stresses of daily life and find solace in a serene and nurturing environment. Guided by our commitment to exceptional service, we offer personalized treatments that cater to the unique needs and desires of each guest, ensuring a truly bespoke experience that exceeds expectations.

At Alchemie, we embrace the transformative power of touch, utilizing skillful techniques to alleviate tension, enhance circulation, and promote overall well-being. Our team of highly trained therapists and estheticians are dedicated to delivering healing and renewing therapies that awaken the senses, restore vitality, and promote a deep sense of relaxation.

We believe in the alchemical fusion of nature and science, utilizing premium, carefully selected products that are free from harmful toxins and cruelty. Our commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices extends to every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our guests can indulge in luxurious treatments with a clear conscience, knowing that their well-being is in harmony with the environment.

Above all, Alchemie is more than a spa; it is a sanctuary for self-care and self-discovery. We invite each guest to embark on a transformative journey, embracing the power of restoration, rejuvenation, and renewal. Our passion lies in helping individuals cultivate a holistic approach to wellness, guiding them towards a state of profound serenity, beauty, and vitality.

Welcome to Alchemie, where the art of transformation awaits you.

COMplimentary parking

We validate parking for up to 4 hours. You can find parking underneath the 2000 Main Street building, the “Avalon Bay” garage. Please make sure to park in spaces marked “retail” or “residential guest.” Please do not park in “future resident spaces”.


Complimentary guest wifi


We provide a 6 stage filtration Alkaline water served fresh in mason jars


Enjoy a cup of organic herbal tea while you destress


$55 for a 45 minute session, bring a guest +$15 Includes extra towels by request and water, we recommend bringing your own water bottle.

Get In Touch!


2021 Main St, Suite B Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone number:


Open Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 10:30a-7:30p
Fri-Sun: 10a-7:30p

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