DIY Organic Halloween Makeup Tutorial

October 17, 2017 DIY Organic Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Tis the season of spooky, fantasy, and day after Halloween candy sales. This is one of our favorite holidays at Alchemie! We wanted to share a cute DIY project we had done recently for an organic and natural makeup Halloween look! Our inspiration was based around the theme of October being a celebration for meditation month. Bringing you fairy goddess, nature, ethereal queen look!


  • Start with Foundation / Primer for your whole face.
  • Use light colors of blue to shade half top of nose eyes and around eyes.
  • Use bright pink blush or eyeshadow to shade cheek bones + top of nose.
  • Use bright pastel purple to shade eyelids.
  • Use blue or black eyeliner to do a cat eye look.
  • Shade brows in naturally.
  • Highlight top of the lip.
  • Apply false lashes.
  • Use light pink lip color – like stardust by kosas.
  • Use white pencil liner to draw “X” Shapes and Dots.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did! Products like Kosas and all of our retail will be on sale from 10:30 am – 5 pm this coming Halloween, so stop in and stock up!

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