How to set a romantic mood

February 3, 2018 How to set a romantic mood

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate our love & friendship with those we care for! Quality time spent with those loved ones is the best way to celebrate the day.

Here are some ideas to sweeten the day for yourself and your Valentine:

Take A Hike! No, really, take a romantic hike together that will inspire you with breathtaking views; pack your favorite snacks to enjoy as you take it all in together. For all those Angelinos out there we recommend the sights of Strutevant Falls in the Santa Anita Canyon.

Aromatherapy it up! Setting that ‘romantic’ mood can be as simple as instilling the sense of smell in the right place, at the right moment. Candles, mists, and/or using a Nebulizing Diffuser can help you achieve the perfect aromatic experience for the day.

Our Top Picks:

The Candle
The Botanist Collection by Rosy Rings
These candles are inspired by Victorian botany and will make your loved one swoon with scents of fig & poppy, rose, pine, lilies and seaside Jasmine. Packaged in a floral arrangement these candle are the epitome of romantic.

The Mist
Alchemie Rose Elixir
This mist is one of our all time best sellers! 100% Bulgarian Rose will fill the air as you liberally spritz it on yourself or the room to create a fragrant ambiance.

The Nebulizing Diffuser
Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser
This unique beautifully hand crafted nebulizing diffuser will not only be an accent piece in your home, but will purify the air, reduce dust, and keep illness at bay. It uses no heat which maintains the integrity and benefits of the essential oils. It also features an optional LED light show 😉

DIY Your Massage!
Nothing shows the one you love how much you care than giving your significant other an indulgent massage! You can use Organic Coconut Oil infused with the desired essential oil to create your own massage oil or buy a premade luxurious oil.

We recommend:

The Body Oil
Citrus & Spice Herbal Body Oil by Isun Skincare
This rich invigorating oil will not only perk up the senses but promote circulation in the body and leave you with the feelings of joy & nurture.

From Alchemie to you, we wish you a delightful Valentine’s Day

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